Wednesday, September 15, 2010

blog tip...

Someone recently posted a blog on their site with tips for the home blogger. . .

The thing that stuck with me about her tips was that you should write your posts as if you're talking to your sister.

Well, I have a problem... I don't have a sister.

So, then I thought about talking with my close girlfriend.

But I think that poses another problem...

My blog would sound something like this, if it's anything like our phone calls...

Me: "Hey - did you see the weather report for the next few days?"
Her: "Yes! I'm so OVER this heat! When can we welcome Fall?!"

Me: "Do you want anything from Trader Joe's? I'm stopping by there on the way home."
Her: "Um... I just went a few days ago. Beat ya!"

::: break for her children screaming in the back ground :::

Me: "When do we get to hang out next?!"
Her: "Child of mine - when is your FATHER coming home?! He needs to keep me from strangling you!"

Me: "Like I said... when do we get to hang out next?!"
Her: "I'm not sure. It depends on whether or not you'll have to bail me out of jail."

So, I'm going to instead just keep going the way I've been going... maybe a little tweak here and there.

And that's all I've got for now... no cooking blog tonight. I didn't stop by TJ's on the way home afterall.

enjoy your time in the kitchen...


Jon Tiffin Photography said...

My Friend, you've always had a knack for conversation and this is a great way to includes us in your wisdom. Another tidbit in the life & times of LJ!
Congratulations on bring your world to us. Look forward to reading more soon!


Mosaic Momma said...

Um...I think that's pretty much how a convo would go with your sister. Sounds about right for me and Mindy!


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