Monday, September 6, 2010

Lunch on a day off...

There's something about a day off that just, well ... makes my day!

To celebrate... I made fresh guacamole!

Do I have a recipe for guacamole? NOPE!

It's different each time I make it. Today's "guac" had finely diced red onion, tomato and cilantro in it. I seasoned it with a very tiny pinch of kosher salt.

Sometimes I add seasoned salt and black pepper...

Sometimes I even add a touch of cayenne powder or a dash of hot sauce...

However, I NEVER EVER add lemon juice. It brings back bad memories of when I worked in a mexican restaurant and they over-loaded it with lemon juice (so that it wouldn't turn brown, I'm sure). But when you're eating it immediately there's no point in adding lemon juice... it just masks the good guac flavor.

Yes, all I had for lunch today was guac, a few slices of tomato and some cheese and chips. So, what?!

How do you like YOUR guacamole?

enjoy your time in the kitchen...

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I made a pint yesterday to take to my daughter's BBQ. I have made it lots of ways. I do use lemon (or lime--whichever I have) juice--but agree that too much is not good. My standard ingredients are the citrus juice, garlic, salt & pepper, Chachi's salsa, and usually a jalapeno. And I mostly cut and stir -- not mash the avos. Only mash if they were a little too firm. If soft, just cut and cut, then stir and they mash themselves just enough, but leave loads of CHUNKS! If I don't have jalapenos I may use Tabasco or jalapeno flavored Tabasco. I used to play with a lot of other ingredients--like onions, etc, grating them very fine. And cilantro. But I find that Chachi's does it all pretty well. Except I like cilantro--just don't always have that. Bob likes loads of Chachi'. I like just a little.


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