Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my choice for olive oil

It's not fancy... it's rather inexpensive... and I prefer it to "EVOO".

And I don't care what Rachel Ray thinks!

I've tried various brands of "EVOO"... and it made the food too sweet for my tastes, especially onions. I wasted many a batch of spaghetti before I figured out what was making my spaghetti taste like someone had dumped some sugar in there. (My mom likes her spaghetti tasting sweet - but it's not for me.)

So, I stick with this olive oil as my standard cooking oil (for most things, and canola oil for other things)... until I know more about olive oil and how to use which kinds.

What's YOUR favorite?

enjoy your time in the kitcen...

1 comment:

Paulette said...

Olive Oil? Whatever is on sale! My mother used to buy Pompeii. Right now I'm using Kirkland Filippo Berio Organic EVOO. I also have an unopened bottle of Giada De Laurentis Academia Barilla...a gift.


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