Sunday, May 23, 2010

Qatar, Korea and Russia?!

This week I added a map tracking widget to my blog (if you haven't seen it yet, scroll down and watch the margin on the right side). I was curious where in the world people were reading from.

I knew I had reader-friends in and around the Eastern seaboard, Oklahoma and various Southern California areas... because they've left comments here. Plus, they're my friends... they have to be nice to me! ;-)

But Qatar, Korea and Russia?!

Please introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about yourselves...

I am beside myself to know that I stand in my grungy-chic 1930's kitchen, taking pictures of my not-so-healthy food with my half-broken camera... testing recipes, learning about new ingredients (rather, new-to-me ingredients), playing with cooking techniques... and someone across the Atlantic might be doing the same?!

It really IS a small world... let's all learn together and share what we know. We may be from different places in life, different countries, different income categories, etc. But I know one thing about each and every one of us... we all love to cook!

enjoy your time in the kitchen...

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Austen_gal said...

The net sure brings everyone together...that's for sure.


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