Sunday, December 26, 2010

A new kitchen toy ...

Paula Deen ... I already loved you. But now I love you more!!!

Thank you for making this nice board available at a very good price (under $30)! In my small kitchen I did not have a large enough flat surface to work with... and this is the perfect remedy to that problem.

This is an 18" x 20" x 3/4" board made of acacia. On one side is a visual guide for rolling out pie crusts... as well as a helpful guide for dry and wet measurements.

Take a gander... click on the picture below to enlarge it.

And the opposite side is even more beautiful! I can see myself using this as a cheese/fruit board when entertaining... this will help to make a very nice presentation!

Love it! And when I pulled it out from behind the tree and unwrapped it my hero-of-a-hubby asked who it was from. I simply said "Well, it's from Santa... of course!"

He knew better than to ask anymore questions...

enjoy your time in the kitchen...

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